Il Tralcio Lambrusco Semi-dry Red

Il Tralcio Lambrusco Semi-dry Red

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Lambrusco Semi-dry red


The Lambrusco “Reggiano” wine is made from a particular group of vines with a common origin and similar characteristics, whose traditional blend gives results into a product with a typically sparkling nature.

FOAM : lively, effervescent.

COLOUR :more or less intensely pinkish, red, from ruby to deep red.

SCENT : pleasant and characteristic, varying from fruity to floral.

FLAVOUR : freshness, fragrance and flavor are well balanced, the rosè is light-bodied, the more intense colours are medium-bodied.

PAIRINGS : suitable for salami snacks and appetizers (great with bologna), erbazzone, main courses, fresh pasta, both stuffed and plain, fried white meat and fish, for pizza as well, ideal match with cappelletti and lasagna, moreover it matches well with local salami, red meat, specifically pork, roasts and boiled meat serve with savory sauces, grills and fatty fish, both fried and stewed.

SERVING TEMPERATURE : 12-14 ° C per la tipologia rosato, 14-16° C per la tipologia rosso.

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Additional Information

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