Concentrated Red Must

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Concentrated Red Must

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Appearence/Aroma liquid, deep red, aroma fruity aroma
Brix Concentration 63 - 65
Acidity (expressed as tartaric acid) 1.5% w/w +/- 0.5
Sulphur dioxide 40 - 500 ppm (in accordance to the client's specifications)
Color Intensity 500 – 1000 (in accordance to the client's specifications)

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Composizione media e informazioni nutrizionali per 100 grammi

Water 33-30% Fructose 30.5-32%
Glucose 29.5-31% Polyalcohols 1.8%
Proteins 0.2% Fats 0%
Fiber absent
Energy 1000-1090 kJ
Carbohydrates 59-62 g +/- 2 g

Additional Information

Additional Information

storage The product is easily fermentable; the shelf life is 3 months at +5 °C, 12 months at –18 °C.
production technique The must is filtered and condensed inside a four-effect evaporator, under vacuum. The obtained concentrate is immediately cooled down to +5 °C.

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