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Cooked Must

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The “cooked must” is a partially caramelized product made by removing the water from must or from sulfured must through direct or indirect heating at normal atmospheric pressure.

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The musts, originated from Italian vines, are exclusively received by selected factories and go through the control systems defined in our risk management handbook (HACCP).

During the stage of introduction of the musts, a control of the administrative documentation takes place and the conformity of the product is verified through organoleptic analysis. The musts that will be cooked are chilled and kept to a temperature of 5°C, thus promoting the static clarification process, without freezing the watery part. Thereafter, the musts are desulphurized. The cooking stage starts when the must are transferred in the work kettle; thereafter, steam is circulated and the real cooking – at atmospheric pressure, and open-vented – begins. During these operations, the must is to be kept agitated: the personnel is to monitor that the temperature doesn't exceed 80-85°C and that the agitator works correctly.

Periodically, the level inside the work kettle and the density of the must are verified.
The duration of the operation varies depending on the intended density, but it is usually between 4-8 hours. Subsequentially, the cooked must is cooled down inside a tube bundle until it reaches the desired temperature of 15-20°C.

Additional Information

Additional Information

chemical-physical characteristics

Baumè scale: 28,3 ------- 37,0

Specific Gravity: 1,2402 ----1,3404

Refractometric Index: 51,0 --------67,4

Reducing Sugars mg/kg: 469,5 -------620,7

storage Best storage temperature: approximately 10°c. Lower temperatures might create small sediments. Higher temperatures can lead to fermentation. Avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight.

Ambient temperature.

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