Rectified Concentrated Must

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Rectified Concentrated Must

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Appearence: liquid, colourless, characteristic fruity aroma
Brix Concentration 65 ± 0.5
Specific Gravity 1.3248 ± 0.0033
Conductivity < 60 µS
Absorbance < 0.1 (425 nm to 25 Bx)
Turbidity < 2 NTU
Viscosity 145 cp (70 Bx, 20 °C)
Total Acidity _ 15 mq/kg total sugars
Alcohol Content _ 1% vol.
Sulphur dioxide _ 15 mg/kg total sugars pH 3.9 ± 0.4
Potential Alcohol % Vol.: 52,24 (through enriching)

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Composizione media per 100 grammi a 65 Bx:

Water 34%
Reducing sugars 65%
Fructose 33% Glucose 31.5%
Polyalcohols 1%
Proteins 0%
Fats 0%
Fiber absent
Energy 1100 kJ
Heavy metals not detected
Pesticide not detected

Additional Information

Additional Information

storage Storage in sterile containers guarantees a 3 years shelf-life at temperatures between 15 and 35°C. In normal conditions, at ambient temperature, it remains stable for 2 years. Avoid contact with atmosphere as the product is hygroscopic.
production technique The must is filtered and treated with food grade adsorbent cationic and anionic resins. The residual of styrene must be lower than 1mg for each kilogram of sugar; however, concentrations above the detection limits were never detected.

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